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Supplies and Equipment

You will need all the supplies and equipment typically needed to complete a basic clean or deep cleaning order. Please reach out to our HR adminsitration if you have any specific questions on what is typically needed. On standard you will need a mop, vaccum, broom, cleaning rags, as well as cleaning solutions for general and deep cleaning.


Reliable Transportation

In order to complete each work order, you will need reliable transportation to make it to your cleaning orders. Most of our clients are residential and locations will vary. You do have flexibility to update your availability to work in locations you can cover. However, the larger the radius, the higher the pay and increase of working hours.


Working Smartphone

A working smartphone is required to become a meiid! All of our orders are accessible through our meiidz application so you can review your orders and locations. GPS will be required to locate where your order is being placed, and an active internet connection to view full details on what is included in each order.


Ready to Work

We want the best of the best! If you are a house cleaning pro and you are ready to take on these orders while completing each job to the best of your avility, we want you! We do require you to update us with an accurate working schedule so we can book orders on days and times that you mark "ready to go!" Our primary goal is great work performance and punctuality to present the company name the best you can.

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