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Meiidz is the first leading house cleaning industry to provide flexibility in hours worked and locations covered to maximize the most hours possible! We take pride in our satisfaction and reward our top skilled meiidz with the highest pay. Every meiid can work as little or as many hours as you want to take. You can also extend location coverage to maximze the most of your hours. Whichever your goals, we have you covered.


Rapid pay

Payments are sent weekly! We also offer rapid pay to cash out same day when you're in a pinch.

Pick your locations

Do you want to stay in your city, or do you want to cover a wide range to boost your hours each week?! The limits are within your terms.

Gain bonus pay

After your first 30 days with positive reviews and punctuality we offer bonuses to increase your hourly and flat rate pay outs! The better clients review you, the more your pay outs increase.


Tips belong to you 100%! The better client service you provide, the more likely you are to maximize on client tips for each order.